[ PRESS RELEASE ] Eclipse fog05 Release Makes Fog Computing a Reality

The first release of Eclipse fog05 establishes a solid platform for provisioning, managing and monitoring infrastructure spanning from the data centre to the deepest edge

2020/04/23 Paris, France

ADLINK Technology, a leader in Edge Computing, has made the initial and ongoing contributions to the Eclipse fog05 project with the goal of providing a platform designed ground-up for addressing the industry’s most pressing needs for Edge and Fog Computing. fog05 allows for seamless, decentralized management, provisioning and monitoring of infrastructure distributed across the Internet, spanning almost any system from data centre servers to micro-controllers. The first release of fog05 under the Eclipse Development Process is a stepping-stone for accelerating the adoption of innovative Edge and Fog Computing Architectures. This release of fog05 enables users to leverage the power of decentralization in order to exploit local computation and maintain data where it makes the most sense. It also reduces the overall energy consumption of the system, thus contributing to a better energy footprint.

Along with Eclipse fog05, ADLINK’s Advanced Technology Office (ATO) is working on core innovations to support Edge and Fog Computing, most notably geo-distributed storage systems and converged data management infrastructures, which manage data in motion and at rest. These technologies are at the core of fog05 and available as platform services to applications such as ADLINK’s zenoh. Moreover, the Eclipse fog05 and Eclipse zenoh projects are essential building blocks in realizing the edge computing vision shared by the members of the Eclipse Edge Native Working Group, of which ADLINK Technology is a strategic member.

ADLINK’s Advanced Technology Office innovations are focusing on decentralization and holistic efficiency — including energy efficiency. As existing management infrastructures are geared toward a centralized data center, they can hardly adapt to address the challenges posed by edge and fog applications with respect to heterogeneity, resource constraints and geographical scale. Eclipse fog05 is the only platform designed from scratch which is focusing on fog and edge computing.

Eclipse fog05 is an open source project that addresses highly heterogeneous systems, even those with extremely resource-constrained nodes. It is currently experiencing massive adoption in the R&D community, for Edge or Fog Computing as well as for Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC). In the past two years alone, Eclipse fog05 has been powering the most challenging demonstration of Edge Robotics, 5G MEC infrastructure. fog05 has also been recognized by ETSI as being compliant with MEC/NFV.

“The release of fog05 represents a significant step in delivering an open virtualization infrastructure layer to distribute computing, storage, control and networking functions at the edge,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director for the Eclipse Foundation. “Congratulations and thanks to the committers and contributors for achieving this significant milestone.”

“ADLINK has been one of the driving forces behind the rise of fog and edge computing. Throughout the years, we have made a number of innovations to enable this,” said Angelo Corsaro, PhD, CTO, ADLINK and project lead for fog05. “The first release of Eclipse fog05 is an important landmark in terms of both enabling the ecosystem as well as showing in which direction we should proceed – decentralization is once again the future of the industry.”

To get started with fog05 today, please visit https://fog05.io/. For those interested in getting involved with the fog05 community and contributing to the project, please visit: https://github.com/eclipse-fog05/fog05/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md.

For more information about the Eclipse Edge Native working group, please visit https://edgenative.eclipse.org

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