The Added Value of the Mannheim Design Center

When it Comes to IoT & AI, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

One-size-fits-all design doesn’t work for embedded, IoT, AI, and medical design systems. A system that provides maximum value balances numerous — and sometimes oppositional —factors such as technical capabilities, performance, suitability to environmental conditions, power consumption, and acceptable total cost of ownership (TCO).

Vendors that attempt to provide highly customized solutions, however, may find that they lose business to the competition that can take their systems to market faster — and at a lower price.

A better strategy is “semi-customization,” which builds out a system on a flexible platform more quickly and cost-effectively. Still, semi-customization doesn’t mean a single solution will perfectly suit a customer’s needs. Vendor customization services must still address:

  • Technical requirements, such as software features and hardware integration
  • Industrial certifications and compliance with standards
  • Lowering TCO by controlling the project and unit price
  • Technical support through both global coverage and local service

The Balance Between Customization & Customer Demands

ADLINK has overcome the challenges created by the need for customization but also for fast delivery and cost-effectiveness through our array of industry-certified, application-ready platforms. Leveraging our design expertise, ADLINK has built support for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and open systems, which effectively serve as the foundation of custom, scalable systems.

ADLINK also maintains a dynamic role in embedded standards development, which enables modular, standard-based technologies perfectly suited for high-value, rugged platforms that stand up to extended deployment in a wide range of mission-critical applications.

Local Services Provided at the Mannheim Design Center

Customers in Germany can take advantage of ADLINK’s design services locally at our Mannheim Design Center. The design center provides value-added services such as the latest standards measurements, certifications, specifications, and review of your designs, helping you get customized embedded, IoT, AI, and medical design products to market faster. To streamline development processes and ensure the highest quality, ADLINK follows well-established industry practice and guidelines. Available capabilities include full custom electrical and mechanical design, software, and system integration.

The Mannheim Design Center supports all form factors, including carriers for SMARC®COM Express®Qseven®ETX® and a broad spectrum of full custom SBC design based on x86 or ARM architecture.

ADLINK’s test labs ensure conformity with form factor specifications, USB 3.0, SATA, PCIE, Ethernet, and wireless communication interfaces as well as environmental and regulatory standards. Special compliance tests are performed in company-owned labs to verify and optimize designs:

  • High-speed signal simulation
  • High-speed signal verification
  • Environmental simulation
  • Mechanical stress tests
  • Radio Frequency testing

The design center is also equipped to provide services for extreme deployments. Military, medical, oil and gas, or transportation environments, where temperature extremes, shocks, vibrations, and stress are common, require rugged hardware capable of performing in harsh conditions. Conventional rugged embedded solutions often don’t deliver the performance they need to when they’re deployed in actual settings. ADLINK verifies designs using highly accelerated life testing (HALT) during the product development process. HALT includes evaluating performance at temperature extremes (both high and low), rapid thermal transition, six-axis vibration, as well as combined temperature and vibration stress. Failures are immediately evaluated and corrected to ensure designs that will perform reliably in the field.

Beyond hardware development, the Mannheim Design Center addresses lifecycle management throughout the entire service life of the product and manages all required resources. ADLINK achieves this through secure product lifecycle management (PLM) software that delivers accurate data and excellent collaboration on product-related activities.

Illustrations of the Work at Mannheim

The team at the Mannheim Design Center prides itself on its ability to align product development with customer requirements and maintains communication to accommodate changes. Our team also has the expertise to recommend solutions that can enhance product quality and increase customer satisfaction. Examples of highly successful Mannheim Design Center projects include:

  • PoC IoT Gateway for Retail Logistics and Warehouse Management: Proof of Concept was based on MXE-211 with additional interfaces and required modifications on the enclosure. The final product was offered as a full solution, including ISP Software. Software integration and mechanical redesign were carried out entirely in Germany
  • Custom Carrier Design for Dual COMe Use: This design involved a 1U Server and two Type7 COMe modules. The process called for a strict schedule involving close collaboration with the customer to achieve the target delivery timeframe of fourteen weeks for the prototype. The prototype was fully designed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Medical System OEM Customization Support: We provide simple private labelling to third-party component integration and mechanical and electrical modifications culminating in full custom board or system-level designs. Many years of experience in the healthcare market makes ADLINK the partner of choice for mission-critical applications to shorten time-to-market cycles and to provide valuable consultancy and implementation of the medical device certification process. Strong partnerships with leading technology partners such as Intel and NVIDIA enable ADLINK to implement the latest technologies earlier than others and to select the right components for long lifecycle support.

Customization Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive & Time-Consuming

By choosing ADLINK’s application-ready platforms and leveraging the services and expertise of the Mannheim Design Center, you can bring your product to market more quickly and at a lower cost than building a custom system from the ground up for a specific use case.

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Author : Matthias Bethge
Author : Matthias Bethge

Head of Mannheim Design Center at ADLINK Technology