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ADLINK MLB-3002 is proving popular with OEMs – see it at MEDICA 2022

The recently launched ADLINK MLB-3002 medical PC is quickly making its mark in the healthcare industry.  Motivated by the video and graphics processing power delivered by such a compact PC, a number of OEMs are evaluating and testing it for integration into surgical robotics, mobile c-arm, ultrasound, endoscopy, MRI and other solutions.  Some developments have already reached the certification stage.

Compliant with medical standards, the MLB-3002 platform was specifically designed for embedding into medical devices performing real-time edge computing and rapid diagnostic testing – particularly where space is limited and ambient temperatures are high.  ADLINK MXM graphics modules supporting NVIDIA GPUs accelerate image reconstruction and beamforming and significantly reduce data transmission delay.

Medical visualization at the edge

The medical visualization chain from image acquisition, analysis and processing, to digital data exchange and image display is a pivotal stage in healthcare digitization. Faster imaging and diagnosis mean shorter examination times and improvements to both efficiency and the patient experience.

For example, specialist in intraoperative neuromonitoring systems, Inomed Technology has relied on ADLINK medical PCs for some years and they play a key role in the company’s latest ISIS Xpert systems – helping to take this patient friendly technology to completely new levels. “Our new systems allow us to derive electrophysiological signals from several muscle structures simultaneously and combine them with visual information and data from the navigation system,” commented Dr. Tomasz Moszkowski, Product Manager, Inomed Technology

ADLINK surgical monitors are typically deployed as operating room consoles, providing outstanding image quality to support medical teams performing minimally invasive and standard surgeries; and also more critical operations requiring microscopy.  In addition, they are used to visualize investigative endoscopy and other direct tissue collection procedures.

Explore the technology at MEDICA 2022

The ADLINK theme at MEDICA 2022 will be Powering Medical Visualization!  Please drop by our booth for a demonstration of the exciting new ADLINK MLB-3002 and see the impressive combination of small footprint and big performance in action. It will also be the first chance to look at the MLC-M  – a new addition to the MLC range of medical panel PCs. This slim and lightweight, yet very powerful, all-in-one PC has been optimized for mobile use on cart systems. With 11th generation Intel® Core™ processors, it delivers enormous computing power and multitasking capabilities.

Figure 1: New addition to the MLC series: MLC-M

Other products on show will include:

  • 55” and 43” ASM medical class, surgical monitors. MDR class I certified with hygienic design and pristine images for better intensive care. Full HD/Ultra HD display with optional PCAP multi-touch functionality.
  • MLC 8 medical class, panel computers. MDR class 1 certified offering superb performance and versatile configuration to meet the demands of a variety of applications.
  • The latest embedded MXM GPU modules powered by NVIDIA Ampere architecture for boosting performance on applications such as image processing and analysis, 3D reconstruction and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Join us at MEDICA to learn more about how ADLINK Healthcare Technology can support you in developing a range of medical solutions. We have the right building blocks to bring visualization to your systems.


Dusseldorf, 14th – 17th November

Hall 10, Booth 40

Powering medical visualization

Andre Fortdran

Product Marketing Manager, ADLINK Healthcare Business Center

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