4 Reasons to Visit ADLINK at Medica 2021 

Medica is where the world of medicine meets – including healthcare organizations searching for innovative technology solutions. Insights and education at Medica this year are particularly vital to healthcare providers in this post-pandemic year as they plan new ways to digitize and automate processes to deliver more hygienic healthcare, better patient experiences, and easier medical system integration.  

Hospitals, healthcare organizations, medical device vendors attending Medica will learn about the latest tech advances in areas including:  

  • Imaging and diagnostics 
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • IT systems and solutions 
  • Laboratory equipment  
  • Physiotherapy  
  • Orthopedic technology   

As you take in all of the information, demonstrations, and networking opportunities at Medica, make sure you also prioritize setting time on your schedule to visit with ADLINK – here’s why. 

ADLINK has more than 25 years of experience providing IT solutions to the healthcare and medical device industries, and we continue to innovate. Matthias Lubkowitz, the new head of ADLINK’s Healthcare Business Center (HBC), is leading our medical division in Germany and Taiwan, where he and his team have a strong focus on product management, research and development, and sales leadership.  

ADLINK is also exploring further integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into medical solutions, as well as creating links between customer requests and our technical team to update and enhance products to meet their needs.  

2. See Our Award-Winning Surgical Monitors 

ADLINK has received Global Health & Pharmaceutical (GHP) Award for the Best Medical Visualisation Device Solution 2021 for our ASM series surgical monitor. The revolutionary, hygienic design includes no vent openings, fanless cooling, edge-to-edge glass, and no visible screws that make thorough disinfecting quick and easy. Additionally, the monitors’ FPGA-based graphic controller delivers exceptional color accuracy, flexible camera adoption, and rich I/O wired and wireless connectivity.  

The award is based on information that GHP gathers independently as well as information submitted by the nominating party, and solutions are evaluated on business performance, longevity, business growth and innovations, and user feedback. We are honored to receive this merit-based award and are proud to exhibit the surgical monitors at Medica! More on our ASM series below. 

3. Our Patented Medical Design 

ADLINK MLC 8 in use at National Taiwan University Hospital

Medical systems shifted from an industrial look a few years ago to a more modern aesthetic today – while still delivering the advanced functionality that healthcare providers demand. ADLINK has a patented design for our surgical monitors and medical panel PCs that use a mechanism to keep the front and rear unit in place, creating a design with soft edges, clean surface structures and no visible screw heads. The result is a medical device that’s more efficiently cleaned and disinfected, protected from tampering and of the highest quality. As medical devices become more complex and consist of several parts, and as the world continues to battle the spread of disease, this is especially important.  

Combined with our advanced and powerful computing, ADLINK medical devices rank high in both design and functionality. Medica gives you the opportunity to see the patented design in action on our MLC 8 medical panel PC and ASM surgical monitors.  

4. Industry-Leading Medically Certified Solutions  

ADLINK Healthcare addresses the needs for healthcare digitization with a focus on the medical visualization chain from image acquisition, to image analysis and processing, to digital data exchange, and through to image display. 

Demos will be available in ADLINK’s Medica Booth F40 in Hall 10, enabling you to see our healthcare solutions first-hand, including:  

  • Medical Panel PCs 

Our medical panel PCs are medically certified computing platforms used in hospitals for things such as patient data management systems (PDM) and hospital information systems (HIS), and also used by OEMs as embedded control devices for medical products, such as vital sign monitoring and ventilation systems. 

Our MLC 8 is a Class I medical device in 21.5’, 23.8” and 27” touch display sizes that can be used in either landscape or portrait mode with an integrated LED status bar. It also features a powerful 8th generation Intel® Core™ i3 to i7 processor range. These panel computers eliminate sites where bacteria could otherwise grow, helping to reduce the spread of infectious disease.  

ADLINK is also demoing the medically certified MLC-AL/KL for system integration. This computer, either 13.3” or 15.6”, features full HD display with PCAP multi-touch touchscreen, fully sealed aluminum housing, and fanless design to meet strict hygiene standards. The MLC-AL and MLC-KL helps streamline patient care by supporting a range of systems. Information from different sources can be aggregated and visualized to manage, for example, operating theatre videos, inventories, and documentation. 

  • Surgical Monitors  
ADLINK Surgical Monitor

ADLINK’s new ASM series of surgical monitors deliver clear, accurate image quality and excellent reproduction of high-definition color and grayscale imagery. ADLINK surgical monitors are class 1 medical devices per MDR and serve as the viewing station for laparoscopic, endoscopic and microscopic imaging. The ASM series can also be used as operating room console for visualization and documentation to support picture archiving and communication system (PACS). 

The high-precision image quality offers excellent viewing for minimally invasive surgery and also feature a hygienic design that enables faster, efficient disinfecting in surgery and critical care environments. Our surgical monitors have helped many OEMs and system integrators in building medical systems. 

The latest addition to our series surgical monitors is the 43” size, sharing the same features such as fanless cooling, no venting holes, LCD panel with high brightness and excellent image quality, adding to the range of 32”, 27” and 24” sizes. 

  • HDBaseT connectivity solution  

We are also demoing the Medical HDBaseT™ RX/TX solution which allows for long distance, real-time, multi-signal connectivity between any imaging modality and displays, in an affordable and easy-to-maintain way. 

HDBaseT is very well known in professional audio/visual installations and provides excellent capability in the medical IT field. The ADLINK Medical HDBaseT™ RX/TX solution transmits high resolution video signals over a long distance (typically beyond 5 meters) without the need to use expensive extension systems adding latency to the signal transmission. This keeps care areas clutter-free while also delivering high performance. 

ADLINK is a contributing member to HDBaseT standards and we also lead the medical working group within HDBaseT, helping to ensure standards for healthcare.  

  • Deep Learning Acceleration Platform (DLAP) 

Medica attendees will also have the opportunity to demo our DLAP-3000, an industrial grade GPU-enabled platform that accelerates AI deep learning workloads to support diagnosing images in the background, helping doctors increase diagnostic and treatment quality. This cost-effective solution is key to generating actionable intelligence that improves operations and patient care.  

ADLINK MXM Graphic Cards
  • MXM Graphic Card 

Based on NVIDIA embedded GPUs, you can also discover the difference our MXM graphic cards make in medical image processing, analysis and accelerating AI assistance for clinical diagnosis. For example, to give doctors an extra pair of eyes, AI powered by GPU can help modern gastro-intestinal endoscopy identify bleeding, detect areas of inflammation, and even diagnose certain infections.  

Another example is next-gen ultrasound machines. Ultrasound machines who leverage GPUDirect RDMA can significantly increase data throughput and reduce system latency, while meeting ever-growing resolution requirements.   

Meet the Experts! 

In addition to learning about ADLINK’s healthcare technology solutions and our recent innovations, you also want to stop by our booth to meet our team and discuss your healthcare IT projects. Mark our booth Hall 10, F40, on your map, and make sure you stop by! Register for Medica and take the first step toward seeing what’s possible.


Andre Fortdran
Andre Fortdran

Product Marketing Manager, ADLINK Healthcare Business Center

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