4 Reasons ADLINK’s Surgical Monitors are Better

Modular flexibility, true color, safety and hygiene deliver a unique combination of benefits

Medical monitors are designed for integration into endoscopic, video, mobile X-ray and other systems and therefore have to offer equivalent regulatory standards and levels of performance. In order to attain medical certification, they must be specified as devices for medical applications and meet a range of criteria far above those of a typical desktop display screen – including hygienic design. In addition, components should have a longer lifespan and availability as any change to the medical monitor would require the entire medical system to be re-certified.

By observing the global medical systems market and analysing how equipment performs in different applications, we were able to identify which technologies provide the most effective support in operating theatres, intensive care units and emergency rooms. These key components, technologies and features were then combined to create a new range offering a unique combination of benefits for critical care environments – including flexible configuration, safety, hygiene and unbeatable colour resolution. Surgical monitors are the latest addition to this new range with a difference.

Modular flexibility

ADLINK is known for its end-to-end service and provides broad technical consultation, advising on the appropriate technology for integration into an overall system build. A modular approach provides the flexibility to configure our monitors and other products to suit individual customer requirements and deliver the best possible solution for each application. This can be anything from a simple modification to a fully tailored device.

Safety & hygiene

The edge-to-edge glass is entirely adhered to the panel so in the event of an impact, it stays in place on the monitor, preventing a potential hazard and hygiene breach. A patent-pending, screwless housing fully complies with the latest IP54 Ingress Protection code in offering complete protection all around the unit from liquid and dust. This supports spray and wet disinfection over the whole unit which helps to reduce the risk of smear infections. It also has a 360° anti- bacterial coating.

Many common disinfectants and cleaning agents can be used on this equipment to prevent accumulation of microbes and maintain the highest hygiene standards. Faster, easier cleaning procedures help to speed up operating theatre preparation or turnaround times.

As an additional safety feature, the housing can only be opened with special tools (and not a screwdriver), keeping it safe from unauthorised intervention.

True colours

As with an X-ray monitor, greyscale reproduction in surgical monitors is vital and the color space should be broad and in line with standards such as Rec709 for Full HD content and BT2020 for Ultra HD content.

For the best possible resolution, choose a monitor which is factory calibrated for maximum colour output and has a pure white protection glass which eliminates colour shift. Optional calibration sensors automatically check the standard of the image quality and make adjustments as and when needed and will maintain high colour quality for the lifetime of the monitor.

The new ADLINK surgical monitors offer a choice of 24”-32” screens with the smaller sizes in Full HD and the larger models in Ultra HD; multi-signal and multi-format FPGA-based image processing; and an option PCAP 10-point touchscreen. The product will be available in Q4/2020. Other products in the new range include the MLC 8 series of all-in one medical panel PCs.

Products to trust

You are in good hands with ADLINK and the equipment developed using this new approach. All our extensive expertise and experience has gone into these new medical devices and as we have complete control of our products from design to manufacture, we can guarantee there will be no sudden changes – a valuable benefit as it avoids costly and time consuming upgrading or re-certification of key components. This range delivers the benefits we know the market demands.

Author: Andreas Holst
Author: Andreas Holst

Project Manager Medical bei ADLINK Technology