Gold standard hygiene for critical patient care

Supporting clinical personnel with the right technology

We have the utmost respect for all clinical personnel and admire their exemplary dedication and hard work during this extraordinary situation. Never before has there been such an urgent need to support them with the medically certified devices which can help streamline patient care. ADLINK fully understands the challenges faced in hospitals and has put special production measures in place to ensure critical equipment, such as medical panel computers, can be delivered on short notice.

Maximum hygiene

Specifically developed for critical care environments including operating theatres, intensive care units, emergency rooms and on the wards, ADLINK medical panel computers are therefore designed for maximum hygiene.

A combination of design properties and the ability to fully and easily disinfect the equipment, helps protect against dust and liquid intrusion and reduce the risk of smear infections. In turn, this speeds up turnaround time or operating theatre preparation. The surface of the aluminium housing is smooth and uninterrupted by screws or fan vents, allowing it to uniquely meet IP54 standards on both the front and back of the unit. It also has a 360° anti-bacterial coating.

Many common disinfectants and cleaning agents can be used on this equipment to prevent accumulation of microbes and maintain the highest hygiene standards. The edge-to-edge glass with no gaps withstands disinfectants and abrasion. In addition, there is no fan to disturb the controlled, laminar airflow in operating theatres and other surgical intervention rooms.

Powerful technology

The combined power of AI and Edge computing is leveraged to keep crucial, real-time processing tasks at the point of care. Data and real-time analytics are delivered to physicians and surgeons to support instantaneous, life-saving predictions and emergency responses. This technology brings the right information at the right time to a very clear, easy-to-use touchscreen from a wide range of equipment including:

  • Anaesthesia and life support monitoring
  • Ventilators
  • Patient data management systems (PDMS)
  • Documentation systems

All ADLINK medical panel computers are medically certified, compliant with IEC 60601 and registered as medical devices. Some have also achieved Medical Class 1 certification.

Technology is increasingly being deployed in hospitals to improve workflows and patient experience.

Medical computers and mobile devices supporting patient monitoring, data transfer and wireless transmission are transforming patient care in clinical environments.  They not only improve efficiency but also save time and money, reduce the risk of medical accidents and reduce the burden on healthcare personnel – something desperately needed in these extraordinary times.

Author: Dr. Ronald Schindler
Author: Dr. Ronald Schindler

Sales Manager Healthcare at ADLINK Technology