Time to Market & Integration Are Key to the B2B Gaming Industry

Give Your Business the Advantage with ADLINK 

Systems developers working in the gaming and casino industry have to overcome, frankly, some tough odds. Their customers are demanding more interesting games with greater visual appeal, advanced graphics, video, and emerging tech bells and whistles, such as augmented reality (AR) features. They’re also looking for games that integrate with management and payments systems for greater efficiency, security, and accounting accuracy.

Ideal solutions are turnkey, slot-in system platforms that require little to no customization or easy-to-integrate, standard gaming PC platforms with high reliability and product longevity that deliver low total cost of ownership (TCO). Customers expect gaming systems that work with minimal intervention so that they can focus on their core competency, rather than hardware and software maintenance.

But those customers aren’t willing to wait for systems that they’re counting on to increase engagement with gamers, operational efficiency, and competitiveness with other casinos or gaming venues. They want them now. That puts the pressure on systems developers to expedite time to market (TTM) while meeting the long list of other customer demands.

The Race Against the Clock

A short TTM timeline is often a challenge for system developers in the gaming industry for several reasons. As the IT talent shortage continues, especially in niches that require specific expertise, gaming system developers may not be able to hire sufficient R&D resources and specialists. Furthermore, gaming venues that prefer both onsite and online systems will require developers to invest twice as much time and effort to develop, test, and debug software.

In the race to overcome these challenges and be first to market, system developers will find substantial value in platform consolidation, slot account system (SAS) integration, and the means to connect legacy systems, which often have limited options for improvements.

Give Your Business the Advantage with ADLINK™

ADLINK™ understands that a fully functional logic box solution is critical to meeting your customers’ demands and TTM requirements.

“We take pride in our updated 2020 product portfolio, which includes comprehensive application-ready intelligent platforms, Mini-ITX gaming motherboards, and multi-display graphics cards that create seamless multimedia experiences for a variety of gaming applications. “With our new innovative ADLINK Advanced Gaming Architecture, we enable customers to improve their R&D efficiency, flexibility, and time to market,” says Oliver Merfels, Director of Infotainment at ADLINK.

ADLINK Technology offers:

  • Reliable and competitive COM modules
  • Fully integrated systems tailored to specific customer requirements
  • Standard slot-in platforms (Cx) with comprehensive software protocol support and customization options
  • Unique NVIDIA position and products
  • A portfolio of components and systems with suitable industry-specific I/O and security features
  • Extensive customization options
  • Local sales and technical support
  • Embedded quality and longevity of products and components

Additionally, our new ADLINK Advanced Gaming Architecture eases the most common pain points in gaming system development. It enables your current team to do more by multiplying R&D efficiency and doesn’t require special gaming platform expertise for integration, accelerating system integration and deployment. We also provide an SAS microservice for rapid SAS integration.

ADLINK delivers a lag-free gaming experience with high frame rates for any online or HTML5 game and enables simultaneous installation of 2D, 3D, HTML5, and legacy games on one unified system.

Top technical advantages of ADLINK Advanced Gaming Architecture include:

  • Loosely coupled design
  • Device abstraction
  • High-level API
  • Human-readable API calls
  • Standard IoT tools (e.g., Node Red) for easy prototyping and debugging
  • Game-engine and program-language independent

You can stack the odds in your favor, equipping your team with the tools they need to deliver superior gaming systems, using our speed-to-market solutions.

See ADLINK’s Gaming Architecture at ICE 2020 in London

ADLINK Technology is excited to join 36,000+ gaming professionals, 4 – 6 February at ICE 2020 in London. Our team members Edgar ChenOliver Merfels, Wendelin Eisenring, Amit Sharma, and Mark Turner will be on hand to answer questions, demonstrate our gaming architecture and to show how ADLINK is your one-stop-shop for gaming solutions.

As an NVIDIA® Quadro® Embedded Partner and Jetson™ Preferred Partner, ADLINK is proud to demonstrate its updated product line for ICE attendees. Stop by booth N1-224 to see the ADi-SC1X/2X, which features all-in-one embedded slot-in systems with backplane architecture, integrated socket-type Intel® embedded processors or COMe Type 6 support, and optional NVIDIA® embedded graphics for high-performance multi-monitor applications.

To view additional information on ADLINK’s application-ready intelligent platform and embedded solutions, please visit ADLINK’s website.

Follow this link for free ICE 2020 registration: https://registration.n200.com/survey/0rji75tclmoka?actioncode=WEBS000001WJE

Author: Oliver Merfels
Author: Oliver Merfels

Director Infotainment Business Center at ADLINK Technology